October 23, 2006

7. Libraries and MySpace

Libraries have begun using Myspace to market to their teenaged patrons. Despite a lot of controversy over the issue of Myspace in libraries, the idea of creating Library spaces in Myspace is really taking off. Read through the links below to get an idea of what different libraries are doing in Myspace and what librarians are saying about Myspace!

Libraries using Myspace
  1. Library Success Wiki list of Library Myspaces
  2. Yalsa's list of Library Myspaces

Librarians discussing Myspace

  1. David Lee King's thoughts on Myspace
  2. What I Learned Today's Myspace Rant
  3. The Librarian In Black's ideas about Myspace

Media mentions of Myspace

  1. US News and World Report - Decoding Myspace
  2. Wired Magazine's Social Networking Safety Pages


  1. After reading through these articles, blog postings and lists, what do you think about libraries using Myspace?
  2. Post on your blog answering this question and add any other thoughts you might have about Myspace and social networking in general.


Lesley said...

I think libraries using the MySpacees are a good idea. It gets library news and events out to a different group. Not their regular patrons.

Thoughts from the CROA said...

I see nothing wrong with libraries maintaining MySpace pages. Since the library itself (in the form of a computer technician/teen librarian_ controls what is posted on its MySpace page there is little chance of vulgar material being posted. The person controlling the page can decide who the library's "friends" are, what comments are accepted, and pics that are posted. As long as the library itself polices itself in a professional way there should be no problems with their public access pages.

missjan said...

although i think it would be fun to get personal and up close on myspace, i probably will not use this often.