November 28, 2006

Staff Prizes and Incentives

We all know that learning itself should be the reward, but sometimes it's nice to have a little something extra! Every staff member who completes all 29 Things in the alloted time frame will receive an MP3 player. We've chose the Creative Zen Nano Plus 1 Gig size for the prize. The one gig player will hold approximately 16 hours of mp3 tracks. It also has an FM radio tuner and built in microphone to capture voice recordings.

To qualify for the mp3 player you must:

1. Complete the tutorial within 22 weeks of starting it

2. Start it no later than April 1st.

3. Enter your progress in the log, marking off all lessons.

4. Lessons that require a blog post should have a minimum of 150 words and have substance.

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