October 26, 2006

22. Google Labs

At the Google Labs, the bright minds of Google engineers are always at work. The Google Labs area is for ideas that Google employees have thought up, played with and put out for others to use. These little "toys" are not ready for prime-time yet, but they are a glimpse into what Google may be offering in the future! Google describes them as
Google labs showcases a few of our favorite ideas that aren't quite ready for prime time.
The tools that are listed on the left are the ones that are still in development. The right side of the page, however, lists tools that were at one time in the Google Labs, but are now available for the general public in Google.


  1. Go to Google Labs and play around with a couple of the tools listed on the left.
  2. Blog about the tools you used and what you think about them:
    1. Do you think the tool you are discussing will be useful to most Internet users?
    2. Do you think it will eventually graduate from the Labs to the main Google site?
    3. What did you enjoy most about the tool?
    4. Did you have any problems working with it? (features not working right, etc.)
Enjoy playing with the new tools and toys that Google is "cooking up"!

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