October 23, 2006

2. Create a gmail account

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Gmail is a free web-based email service similar to Yahoo mail or Hotmail. You will need a Gmail account to sign up for your Blogger Beta account in the next lesson and for several other lessons. Gmail will require you to get an invitation from an existing user, because it is still - officially at least - in it's beta version. This means that it is still in development (though it is a fully functional email service already) and that it isn't quite ready to open up to the general web. Bobbi and Robin, however, have plenty of invitations to go around!

1. You can sign up on your own now! Go to Google and click on the "sign in" link at the top right of the screen.
2. Click on "Create An Account Now" below the sign in box
3. Fill out the form, then go into the "My Account" link that is now on the Google home page.
4. Click the "More >>" link and choose "Gmail".
5. Sign in using your new Google Account. You can sign into Blogger using the same account later on in this week's lessons.
4. Take some time to learn a little about your Gmail account. You can also find out more by clicking "Help" topic at the top right corner of your screen (after you log into Gmail)4. Accept terms and you're ready to go. Take some time to learn a little about your Gmail account - check out the "Help" topic at the top right corner of your screen (after you log into Gmail)


david j said...

google help for gmail is hard to find please recommend help site for lessons in gmail thanks
email to wessleyone@gmail.com

Robin said...

There is a gmail tutorial site at http://www.gmailusers.com/tutorials.htm that has specific topics you can learn about, or you can go to the Google help at http://www.gmailusers.com/tutorials.htm for information that might be more up-to-date and straight from Google itself!

Robin said...

Whoops - commenting too early - didn't check that the link copied correctly. The Google help link is http://mail.google.com/support/?ctx=about&hl=en

Bobbi Newman said...

Lifehacker has some great lessons on Gmail http://preview.tinyurl.com/c8o6uz

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