October 24, 2006

19. Map your travels

For this exercise, I'd like to see what states and/or countries you have visited. Head over to either one of the sites in the Resources section of this post and create your map. Post it and maybe start a conversation!

  1. Visited States
  2. Visited Countries
  1. Choose one of the links, click the checkboxes of the states or countries you have visited and click the "Go" button
  2. Copy the HTML into your blog (use the "Edit HTML" pane in blogger) so that we can all see where you have been!


sexybeast said...

i have tried this one million, four hundred and thirteen times and I still have no picture. :(

Bald&Beautiful said...

I seem to be unable to post a map! Because I can't get the f'in thing to come up!. I too have tried many times. So, Do I get the credit for it or what?